Apply as Student Assistant

REMINDER: As per the SAGA Consolidated Rules and Regulations (SAGA-CRR) through AO PAEP 15-84, the CU Student Affairs unit has authority to act on reports on violations of the SAGA CRR. Sanctions for the violations will be based on existing rules and regulations of the university. Furthermore, the office also has the authority to act on reports of SAGAs who resigned, or those who are absent without leave, or delinquent in their duties (Letters i and j, no. 40, page 10 of SAGA-CRR).

SA Guidelines

  1. The maximum work hours per month will be based primarily on the academic load of students (their allotted SA hours) (see PAEP 15-84 memo);
  2. Student Assistants (SAs) are allowed to work up to six (6) hours per day except for Saturday, Sunday and Regular/Special Holidays;
  3. Student Assistants are expected to render service consistent with the prescribed tasks and time schedule;
  4. Supervisors of SAs will still be basing the work of hours of SAs on their plotted class schedule in the OSAM System;
  5. Supervisors shall not assign security-related activities and hazardous tasks to SAs;
  6. Supervisors shall not assign duties that will give SAs access to confidential, electronic and printed records such as student grades, transcripts, faculty and staff compensation, performance evaluation, health, legal, financial and related sensitive records;
  7. Supervisors are not allowed to assign tasks to SAGAs for private needs, such as nanny duties, fetching children, and buying meals, snacks, or groceries.

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