The Tuition Loan / Student Loan Board (SLB) Program allows students to defer registration payment up to 80% of the total assessed fees during the enrollment period. This is payable within the semester with an interest rate of 6% per annum.

One hundred percent (100%) loan may be granted provided a request to avail of 100% Tuition Loan /SLB is approved by the Chancellor. This request form should be accomplished first before applying for theTuition Loan / SLB application. Click the button below to know more:

Avail 100% Tuition Loan/SLB


  1. The Tuition Loan / SLB Program is open to all qualified undergraduate and graduate students except to those students taking-up non-degree programs.
  2. Students with outstanding loans will not be allowed to avail of any further Tuition Loan / SLB unless there is a promissory note approved by the Chancellor. Promissory notes should be processed first before applying for Tuition Loan / SLB. Click the button below to know more:

Promissory Note Guidelines


  1. Updated personal information (home address and contact number) in SAIS. (Navigation: Main Menu - Self Service- Student Center)
  2. Scanned copy of your co-debtor’s valid I.D.
    (Valid IDs include Driver's License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, PhilHealth ID, current company/office ID, Postal ID, BIR TIN ID, Barangay ID, Voter's ID, or Passport) The picture and signature in the valid ID must be clear and readable.

    Note: Qualified co-debtors are parents and immediate relatives by consanguinity which include grandparents, uncles and aunts from both sides, and brothers and sisters who are of legal age. Your co-debtor’s middle or last name should reflect your relationship with each other. Please provide your birth certificate or other supporting documents as proof of your relationship.
  3. E-signature of your co-debtor. This should match the signature in the attached valid ID.

To apply, accomplish the google form found in this link: Tuition Loan/SLB Program Application Form


Below are the SLB payment guidelines for your reference.

  1. Landbank E-Biz payment
  2. Landbank Over the Counter Payment