What is OSAM?

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Management (OSAM) System is a modernization project of OVCSA. OSAM is an advanced web application with web and mobile components to eradicate the need for students queuing up for services. OVCSA is taking advantage of the benefits of Information Technology to promote students’ academic growth and personal development.

The Research, Communication, and Information Technology (RECOMMIT) is responsible for the OSAM System as it creates, manages, and administers the information and communication technology resources of OVCSA. RECOMMIT partners with OVCSA units to streamline and simplify its operations. RECOMMIT undertakes regular time and motion studies, workflow analysis, and system re-engineering to recommend shortcuts that reduce bureaucratic red tape and improve the processing time of service delivery. RECOMMIT is also responsible for the IT Trainings and Information Dissemination through OVCSA’s ICT Resources.

The development of the system started in June 2012 through OrgsUP, a legacy information system used by student organizations to apply for recognition and activity permits. In 2014, COMMIT, the forerunner of RECOMMIT, decided to shut down OrgsUP to concentrate all IT initiatives on the development of the OSAM System

The system has evolved from a mere website to an advanced software suite with web, desktop, and mobile components. The system continues to expand as RECOMMIT develops systems that support the core mission, vision, and values of OVCSA, which is to provide an effective and efficient delivery of student programs and services.

Some of the significant components of the OSAM System developed by RECOMMIT are listed below.

Student Helpdesk

The Student Helpdesk allows students to directly send their inquiries about OVCSA programs and services through Facebook Chat and Email. These inquiries can be accommodated and directed to concerned offices which make the inquiry process more convenient for students, and easier for documentation on the end of the OVCSA staff.

Queuing and SU Logs System

Re-launching the Queuing System aimed to provide efficiency on programs and services by managing the long lines of students in the OVCSA offices. Accordingly, the SU Logs System was initiated to monitor the entries of people within the SU Building to build baseline data for future guidelines and policy making.

Automated Organization Registration

Student organizations no longer need to submit a 30-page recognition form with the deployment of the Automated Organization Registration System. Application forms can be directly uploaded to the OSAM System, which has significantly reduced paper usage over the years. Submitted forms are automatically counter-checked through the system, reducing the manpower needed for the registration process. The student organization registration process is a service under the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

Automated Student and Graduate Assistantship (SAGA) Salary Processing

RECOMMIT assists the SAGA Program of the Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG) through the development and maintenance of the Automated SAGA Salary Processing System. The details of the program and its implementation are under the programs and services of OSG.

UPLB Online University Clearance System

The Online University Clearance System was developed for transparency, and the simultaneous processing of students’ clearances across offices. A clearance application kicks off the process as the system enables involved offices, and the applicant to view and act on the application. Both parties can immediately address deficiencies, significantly reducing processing time for the completion of the application. OVCSA, through RECOMMIT, provides continuous monitoring, assistance, and communication with the assigned offices in the Online University Clearance System for an overall efficient transaction.

Online Dorm Reservation System

Students can easily apply for a dorm reservation using the OSAM System. Their requirements are uploaded to the website and will be processed by the dormitory managers. Students will be able to track the status of their application real time through the OSAM System.

OVCSA Spaces Reservation System

The OVCSA Spaces Reservation System is an additional module to the OSAM System, which seeks to ensure better services and equity in their use. Reservation of facilities managed by the OVCSA Main Office will be accommodated in the system to ensure their availability for university constituents as well as paying individuals and groups.

Online Counseling Appointment System

RECOMMIT in coordination with the Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG) developed the Online Counseling Appointment System which aims to provide students mental health care and psychosocial wellness with a more streamlined process of managing counseling appointments, documentation, monitoring, and after care.

Tuition Loan/SLB Program

OSG in partnership with RECOMMIT is a system for the Tuition Loan and Student Loan Board Program Online Application. It is composed of four online processes namely: Tuition Loan/SLB Program, 100% Tuition Loan/SLB, Promissory Note Application, and Generate Statement of Account

Online Application of Study Permit

The UPLB International Students Relations (ISR) collaborated with RECOMMIT with the Online Application of Study Permit. The new system helps international students within the university to process their study permit application through the OSAM System.