Application for Organization Registration


The application for organization registration is open at the start of the student registration period for each semester until one week after the last day of late registration. All student organizations who would like to register must meet the minimum requirements:

  1. Attendance of organization representative to Organization Orientation
  2. Must have at least 5 resident members (including officers)
  3. Must have one junior and one senior adviser
  4. Must have a constitution and by-laws

*Registration shall be valid for two academic years

Student organizations registered in the previous semester must ensure that they have:

  1. Submitted all activity reports of all organization activities during the previous semester.
  2. Updated their organization roster.
  3. Sought clearance form any accountability in the university.

New Organizations vs Existing Organizations

New organizations refer to student organizations who do not have organization records in the OSAM System regardless of their actual establishment date. Existing organizations are those who already have organization records in the OSAM System.

New organizations must contact OSA before registering the organization online. Existing organizations must use their existing organization records in the OSAM System.

Point Person

Only the point person of the student organization should apply for registration. The point person is an internal appointment - the organization must simply appoint one person who will attend to the registration requirements. For new organizations, the student who will enter the new organization key will serve as the organization's point person. To change point persons, the current point person can change it online.

In case the organization cannot change the point person, the organization may request for a change of point person by writing a letter to the Office of Student Activities. The letter must contain the student number of the old and the new point person as well as the reason for not being able to change the point person online.

  1. Point persons must apply for registration online by filling out the organization profile, advisers' profile, and membership roster.
    Point persons must have the following information of advisers: title (Mr./Ms./Engr./Prof./Dr.), employee number, full name, designation, department, college or office, address, mobile number, office number, email, and specialization. The following information of the members will also be needed by the point persons: student number, last name, and designation. Organizations will be prompted to upload the organization logo, and latest copy of constitution and by-laws, if these were not yet uploaded previously.
  2. All members must login, update their OSAM profiles, and confirm their organization membership.
  3. Print, sign, and submit recognition forms.


Kindly contact OSA ([email protected]) first if your organization is new and is not yet in the system. You will be asked for certain details about your org and after it's placed in the system, the point person will have access to your page and will be able to register your org.