The Student Assistantship and Graduate Assistantship (SAGA) Program is a financial assistance program for UPLB students who render community service and work related to their course. With this program, we can provide a glimpse of the University's work and an opportunity to share practical work experiences with students related to their study and career interest.

The SAGA Program provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work on and off-campus while pursuing their studies at the University. Students who participate as SAGAs are granted additional financial assistance to help pay education expenses. Aside from the compensation, students under the SAGA Program are able to gain work experience that could further hone them for employment, entrepreneurship, and even community service after they leave the university.

The University, on the other hand, is able to engage the students in fulfilling its academic and operational functions.

There is no employer-employee relationship between UP and SAGAs. Nevertheless, the University is committed to policies for the elimination of child labor and forced labor. UP will not tolerate any form of abuse or exploitation.

If you wish to avail the SAGA program services, first start by creating an OSAM account.


  1. Access the link: using your UP MAIL
  2. Fill out the Google from with the necessary details
  3. Submit the form and wait for an email confirmation of your OSAM account creation.

Once your OSAM account has been created, log-in to this website using your UP MAIL. You will then see the different SAGA opportunities and undergo the SAGA Orientation.

REMINDER: As per the SAGA Consolidated Rules and Regulations (SAGA-CRR) through AO PAEP 15-84, the CU Student Affairs unit has authority to act on reports on violations of the SAGA CRR. Sanctions for the violations will be based on existing rules and regulations of the university. Furthermore, the office also has the authority to act on reports of SAGAs who resigned, or those who are absent without leave, or delinquent in their duties (Letters i and j, no. 40, page 10 of SAGA-CRR).
For other concerns, check the SAGA Frequently Asked Questions.
OSAM System

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Management (OSAM) System is a modernization project of OVCSA. OSAM is an advanced web application with web and mobile components to eradicate the need for students queuing up for services. OVCSA is taking advantage of the benefits of Information Technology to promote students’ academic growth and personal development.

For general inquiries, email [email protected].

Mailing Address

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