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For general inquiries, please email [email protected] and expect for a reply within 1-2 working days.
Unit Acronym Room Email Contact Number Head of Office Designation
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student AffairsOVCSA2[email protected](049) 536-2238ASSOC. PROF. JANETTE H. MALATA-SILVA, PhDVice Chancellor, OVCSA
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student AffairsAVCSA4[email protected](049) 536-2238MS. MARCELINA C. MIRANDA, MScAssistant to the Vice Chancellor, OVCSA
Learning Resource CenterLRC1 [email protected](049) 536-2761MR. GONZALO H. AMANTE JR., RGC, RPMOIC-Director, LRC
Office of Scholarships and GrantsOSG5 and 6[email protected](049) 536-3209ASSOC. PROF. ARIEL L. BABIERRA, PhDDirector, OSG
Research, Communication, and Information TechnologyRECOMMIT7[email protected] / [email protected](049) 536-2238MS. MARCELINA C. MIRANDA, MScCoordinator, RECOMMIT
Office of Student ActivitiesOSA8[email protected](049) 536-2238MS. MARCELINA C. MIRANDA, MScDirector, OSA
Office of Counseling and GuidanceOCG9[email protected](049) 536-2238MS. JISSELLE C. VILLAMIN, RGCOIC-Director, OCG
International Student RelationsISR12[email protected](049) 536-2238MR. GONZALO H. AMANTE JR., RGC, RPMHead, ISR
Student Disciplinary TribunalSDT14[email protected](049) 536-2238ATTY. JORGE S. DAVIDE, JR.Chair, SDT
Office of Student HousingOSH15 [email protected](049) 536-2238ASSOC. PROF. MARC IMMANUEL G. ISIP, PhDDirector, OSH