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Unit Acronym Room Email Contact Number Head of Office Designation
Director's OfficeDO2[email protected](049) 536-2238ATTY. ELENO O. PERALTAOIC, OSA
Communication and Information TechnologyCOMMIT7[email protected](049) 501-6761PROF. KATRINA JOY M. ABRIOL-SANTOSHead, COMMIT
Counseling and Testing DivisionCTD9[email protected](049) 536-7255JANETT A. DOLORHead, CTD
International Students DivisionISD12[email protected](049) 536-7255DR. ERICK VERNON Y. DYHead, ISD
Scholarships and Financial Assistance DivisionSFAD5 and 6[email protected](049) 536-3209JENETTE LORY P. TAMAYOHead, SFAD
Student Disciplinary TribunalSDT14[email protected](049) 536-7255ATTY. ELENO O. PERALTAChair, SDT
Student Organizations and Activities DivisionSOAD8[email protected](049) 501-6761PROF. ROCKY T. MARCELINOHead, SOAD