University Clearance Application

If you do not have an account, start by registering for an OSAM Account first.

A. How to apply

  1. Using your device, go to OSAM website
  2. Login using your UPMail account (if you encounter any problems here, kindly email [email protected]).
  3. Click the CLEARANCE button under your profile icon.
  4. Double check the information displayed on the application page. Make sure that your details are correct.
  5. Choose the Purpose of your application.
  6. Click APPLY.
  7. After reading the data privacy notification, click ALLOW.

B. How to check the status of your clearance application
  1. Once you have applied, you will be redirected to the status page of your clearance.
  2. You may also access this page anytime by following steps 1-3 of Part A of this manual.

C. How to view reasons for office disapproval
  1. Hover over the office card with the “Disapproved” status.
  2. Notice the red border of the office card.
  3. When you hover over the card, it will show the VIEW DETAILS button along with other information such as the date when your application was last updated at that office.
  4. By clicking VIEW DETAILS, the reason for disapproval of your clearance application will be shown.

D. How to resubmit application to an office with disapproved status

After following the steps in Part C, click RESUBMIT CLEARANCE APPLICATION.
Note: Make sure that you have satisfied the requirements stated by the office first before resubmitting your application.

E. Download Clearance Certificate

Once all the office cards turn green, you should now be able to download your clearance certificate. The download button is located on the lower left corner of the page.

REMINDER: For other concerns, check the UNIVERSITY CLEARANCE Frequently Asked Questions.

OSAM System

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Management (OSAM) System is a modernization project of OVCSA. OSAM is an advanced web application with web and mobile components to eradicate the need for students queuing up for services. OVCSA is taking advantage of the benefits of Information Technology to promote students’ academic growth and personal development.

For general inquiries, email [email protected].

Mailing Address

Room 2, 2/F, Student Union Building, UPLB, Laguna, 4031

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA)

Room 2 536-2238 [email protected]

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (AVCSA)

Room 4 536-2238 [email protected]

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Room 1 536-2761 [email protected]

Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG)

Rooms 5 and 6 536-3209 [email protected]

Research, Communication and Information Technology (RECOMMIT)

Room 7 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Student Activities (OSA)

Room 8 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG)

Room 9 536-2238 [email protected]

International Student Relations (ISR)

Room 12 536-2238 [email protected]

Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)

Room 14 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Student Housing (OSH)

Room 15 536-2238 [email protected]