The Online Reservation System for OVCSA-managed spaces is an additional module of the OSAM System. The facilities (i.e. “spaces”) are under the care and management of the OVCSA Main Office which provides the necessary administrative services and manpower in order to ensure the availability whenever these are needed by university constituents, as well as paying individuals and groups.

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OSAM System

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Management (OSAM) System is a modernization project of OVCSA. OSAM is an advanced web application with web and mobile components to eradicate the need for students queuing up for services. OVCSA is taking advantage of the benefits of Information Technology to promote students’ academic growth and personal development.

For general inquiries, email [email protected].

Mailing Address

Room 2, 2/F, Student Union Building, UPLB, Laguna, 4031

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA)

Room 2 536-2238 [email protected]

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (AVCSA)

Room 4 536-2238 [email protected]

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Room 1 536-2761 [email protected]

Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG)

Rooms 5 and 6 536-3209 [email protected]

Research, Communication and Information Technology (RECOMMIT)

Room 7 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Student Activities (OSA)

Room 8 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG)

Room 9 536-2238 [email protected]

International Student Relations (ISR)

Room 12 536-2238 [email protected]

Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)

Room 14 536-2238 [email protected]

Office of Student Housing (OSH)

Room 15 536-2238 [email protected]