UNIVERSITY CLEARANCE Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to accomplish our college clearance first before we apply for a university clearance?
A: You may lodge an application for university clearance but take note of the requirements by downloading the requirements file. It contains College-specific instructions for applying college-level clearance. In order for your university clearance to be approved under your college, you would need to accomplish your college clearance.

Q: What should I do if my clearance application is put on hold by an office?
A: You need to accomplish the requirements/instructions listed in the remarks given by the concerned office. You may contact them if you have questions about the instructions.

Q: I have applied for a University Clearance before and it has already been approved by OUR. Do I need to apply via the online system to secure a copy of the clearance?
A: No. Once your university clearance has been approved, you do not need to apply in the online system. Even if you did apply online, you won't be given a new clearance since an existing one has already been approved before. Email OUR (our_cl[email protected]) to get a copy of your clearance.

Q: My clearance application was put on hold. Will I be able to communicate with the concerned UPLB office via the OSAM system?
A: Currently, this is not possible. Any communication to secure clearance application approval from a UPLB office is external to OSAM and may be done via other forms of communication like messenger or email. Once settled, the office representative will then use the OSAM system to tag the clearance application as approved for that specific office.

Q: My clearance application was put on hold. What do I do after I accomplish the requirements/instructions?
A: Wait for the concerned office to approve your clearance application. You may also opt to resubmit your application via OSAM once you have completed the requirements (i.e. there is a button for resubmission).

Q: I already processed my University Clearance application before the online system was implemented. Do I need to apply once again using the online system?
A: Yes, you may apply again using the online system. Submissions that were marked HOLD because of deficiencies usually do not get completed because students who applied for clearance often forget to finish the process. By applying via the online system, clearance offices will be notified/followed-up about your application.

Q: How long will it take to process my clearance application?
A: It might take 3-5 working days to process your application.

For other questions and further assistance, you may email [email protected].

OSAM System

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