Student Wellness & Subsidy Progam

The UP-SW Subsidy Program is a grant to reduce the cost of prescribed medication and other mental health services. The subsidy covers a portion of the cost of medicines and professional services that mental health professionals prescribe. It is a means of encouraging students to comply with the treatment prescribed by their health professionals.

The subsidy of 7,500 per semester covers a portion of the treatment cost. During the semester, grantees selected by the CU Student Affairs Units shall receive the full amount. Since the Program aims to address an urgent and specific need, rules on the maximum benefits students may receive as financial assistance will not apply.

Eligibility Criteria All bonafide UP students (i.e., Students enrolled in Certificate Programs, Undergraduate Students, and Graduate Students) who were advised to seek professional help, treatment, and medications for their mental health condition may apply to the SW Subsidy Program. There are no grade or minimum load requirements.


  1. SW Subsidy Application Form
  2. Referral Form from a Mental Health Professional who must accomplish the UP-SW Subsidy Referral Form

Announcement: Applications for the Student Wellness & Subsidy Programs are closed. For inqueries, you may send an email to [email protected]

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