Dorm Policies

  1. Residence Hall Agreement is on a semestral or summer basis.
  2. As such, the resident who qualifies and still desires to stay in the hall should renew the said agreement or otherwise be advised to leave the hall.
  3. During the semestral or summer vacation, the residents may be required to vacate their rooms when repainting, repair or general cleaning is to be undertaken.
  4. Reservation for accommodation by old residents shall commence one month before the end of classes. [through Privilege Reservation]
  5. Reservation of new applicants will be accepted right after the end of classes. [through Priority Listing]
  6. Cancellation of reservations will be allowed two (2) weeks before registration; otherwise, all reservations made are considered final.
  7. No refund shall be given after the second week of classes.

The following shall be grounds for cancellation of residence hall privileges and/or expulsion from residence hall by the residence head:

  1. Failure to pay monthly rentals for at least two (2) consecutive months.
  2. Destruction of any part of the residence hall property thereof to include:
    1. Removal of equipment and/or furnishings without permission of the residence head.
    2. Tampering with electrical outlets or use of illegal electrical connections.
    3. Willful breaking or vandalizing of any part and/or furnishings of the residence halls.
  3. Keeping of inflammable materials inside the building.
  4. Bringing in of non-residents to enter and/or sleep in the room of the residents without permission from the residence head.
  5. Cooking inside the room.
  6. Stealing.

The residents shall be subject to disciplinary action for any of the following acts:

  1. Carrying of firearms and other deadly weapons within the residence halls
  2. Drinking of alcoholic beverages in the hall or coming in drunk
  3. Gambling within the residence hall
  4. Possession of prohibited drugs or chemicals
  5. Misbehavior such as fighting, insubordination and gross and deliberate discourtesy.
  6. Lack of due respect and consideration for the hall staff and one’s co-residents.
  7. Frequent infraction of one of the following rules:
    1. Silence during appointed hours [10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.]
    2. Signing in/out of the residence halls
    3. Observance of curfew hour [10:00 p.m.] on time
  8. Any other form of misconduct.


  1. Undergraduate residents may be allowed to stay in the residence halls as long as they are enrolled in the UPLB Colleges.
  2. Graduate student residents may be allowed to stay in the residence halls for a maximum of three (3) years including thesis writing. Graduate students enrolled only in thesis writing may be allowed to stay in residence halls for one (1) year.


Non-compliance of the following will be grounds for non-renewal of my contract, specifically:

  1. I will accomplish promptly and properly the Resident’s Basic Information Form;
  2. Upon check-in, I will submit the following requirements:
    1. 2 copies of recent 2×2 picture with nametag;
    2. Notarized Waiver and Quitclaims;
    3. a copy of Form 5; and
    4. a copy of Schedule of Classes (right after my enrollment);
  3. I will pay the reservation fee equivalent to one month’s rent of P ________. This shall be held as a breakage fee and shall be refundable upon my permanent check-out from the residence hall with approved clearance.
  4. will pay my dormitory rental on or before the 15th day of the month. Failure to pay my rent for at least two (2) successive months shall automatically cancel my resident’s privilege to stay in the hall.
  5. In case I move out without permission from the residence head, I will be liable for the payment of my room for the remainder of the period expressed in the agreement (semestral/summer terms).
  6. I will pay for the reservation deposit equivalent to one month’s rent of P ________, which is not refundable or transferable except for the following:
    1. of my application by the residence head or non-admission in the UPLB Colleges
    2. Other reasons that the UPLB authorities concerned may consider meritorious
  7. I fail to check-in one week after the start of regular classes, my contract will be cancelled and my reservation and key deposits will be forfeited.
  8. I sign this agreement, I am expected to remain in the residence hall for the entire period indicated in the agreement. Cancellation of my agreement is allowed only if I show any of the following:
    1. Sick leave with a UPLB Infirmary certification [duly approved Leave of Absence]
    2. Honorable dismissal from the university [duly approved Dismissal form]
    3. Other just causes as may be considered meritorious by the UHO authorities
  9. Other than the abovementioned causes, I shall be charged a departing fee of 50% of the remaining period of the agreement.


  1. Respect the peace and privacy of co-residents and observe proper decorum.
  2. Cooperate with the residence hall management in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the halls and help in making them ideal place to live in.
  3. Use the toilets and bathrooms properly.
  4. Held liable for any damage done to the facilities or furnishings issued to me or to the hall.
  5. Not bring or possess firearms, deadly weapons, gambling devices and any pornographic materials as they are strictly prohibited in the residence hall.
  6. Cooperate in the adoption of measures to prevent fire, accident and theft.
  7. Secure permit and pay for the appliances that I will use personally. Unauthorized use of the electric fan, radio, tape recorder or other gadgets shall mean outright confiscation of the said items.
  8. Tune the radio, television set, phonograph, musical instruments and other gadgets at such a volume so as not to disturb or inconvenience the other residents.
  9. Observe the study and visiting hours at all times and receive visitors in the designated receiving area. [Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. only]
  10. Never cook or heat food and water in my room or any part of the hall except in designated areas provided with cooking facilities.
  11. Not transfer from one room to another without prior permission from the residence head.
  12. Never do my laundry in the bathrooms as it is prohibited except for undergarments. I will do my laundry at the designated washing areas.
  13. Never keep or tend any kind or type of pets or animals in the residence hall.
  14. Secure special permits such as Late Permit (LP) and Overnight Permit (OP) from the office before 5:00 P.M. when stay outside the residence hall beyond curfew hours.


  1. Pay a semestral association fee to the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and other fees determined and established by the RHA.
  2. Recognize the right of the dormitory authorities to inspect my room and locker when circumstances warrant it. Regular inspection of rooms will be done once every semester.
  3. Clean or dispose and segregate my garbage properly following the rules and regulations of UHO on waste segregation at the residence halls.
  4. The residence head may inspect the luggage of incoming and outgoing residents and transients should circumstances warrant it.
  5. No belonging shall be left inside the room or locker by the students going on semestral and summer vacation. However, a designated place for storage will be made available for a fee.
  6. Participate in all activities agreed upon by the RHA and the residence hall management, subject to the approval of the UHO.
  7. Not engage in any business ventures inside the residence hall.
  8. Settle all my financial obligations one month before the end of semester or not be allowed to reserve in the dormitory and to enroll in the succeeding semester or summer.
  9. If the residence hall management learns that I join any campus organization, my parents will be called and my violation will be referred to the Student Disciplinary Tribunal for investigation. [only applies to New Freshmen]
  10. Stay in this dormitory will be fruitful and of good influence to others.