New Dorm Residence Hall

New Dorm Residence Hall
Residence Hall Facts
Dorm Manager: Cory M. Mariano
Dorm Assistant: Manolito M. Jolo

The New Dormitory (ND) is a dormitory for all male freshmen, composed of one three-storey building with a total capacity of 300 residents. Added to the building in the compound is a canteen and a basketball court for some physical activities. Also, this dormitory includes other facilities and provisions that were provided within the area to offer convenience to the students like, TV room, a study room and a parking area.


Male upperclassmen only


for AY 2020-2021 per STS Bracket

FDS(Full Discount with stipend) E2 P400.00 monthly
FD(Full Discount) E1 P400.00 monthly
PD 80% D P500.00 monthly
PD(Partial Discount) 60% C P650.00 monthly
PD(Partial Discount) 33% B P650.00 monthly
ND(No Dicount) A P650.00 monthly


The front desk is manned 24/7. CSB is assigned 4:00pm to 8:00am to secure the dormitory for the entire night till morning. All residents must wear their UPLB ID and signin in the biometrics to enter. Guests are welcome, but ask the Dorm Manager for details.

For inquiries or reservations:

Kindly email [email protected] - Cory M. Mariano.