International Student Relations

The International Student Relations (ISR) is the center of information, activities, and services for international students of UPLB. ISR helps in ensuring and maintaining the legal status of international students, assists in their adjustment to the UPLB way of life, and looks over their health, safety, and wellbeing.

ISR envision itself as an international proactive promoter of the University’s prestige in the academic community.

To maintain an excellent relationship with the members of the international community by building friendship and camaraderie, and by winning their trust and confidence.

ISR facilitates the following: 1) provision of pre-arrival and departure instructions of inbound and outbound students, including repatriation mechanisms; 2) provision of supporting documentation for immigration-related and academic-related requirements such as issuance of study permits and certification(s) related to visa extension and passport renewal, and visa and other document processing assistance; 3) evaluation and monitoring of international students’ records such as tagging/untagging of SAIS; 4) coordination of registration and scholarship/financial assistance before and upon arrival of international students; 5) ensurement of health and wellness such as coordination with the University Health Service, other local hospitals, Office of Counseling and Guidance, the Graduate School, and other concerned offices and units; 6) provision of socio-cultural immersion and further development and implementation of programs beneficial to international students; 7) provision of information about UPLB, its services, and the Philippines; 8) collaboration with the International Student Association (ISA) in their programs and activities relevant to international students; 9) collaboration with other student organizations such as the Society of Exchange Students and the Graduate School Council; and 10) coordination and implementation of programs and activities with other concerned UPLB offices/units relating to student services and welfare.


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  • Cultural Exchange and Development

    It aims to orient international students about the University, the Filipino culture and norms of behavior, and basic Filipino communication. It further provides an avenue for local students and staff to learn and understand the culture of international students and vice versa.

  • International Relations

    International Relations is valuable in allowing students of different nations to cooperate with one another, help pool resources, and share pertinent information for further learning, engagement, and resolution of issues and other concerns.

  • Recognition Programs

    They aim to strengthen the role of international students especially the graduating international students in the promotion of the University and further its purpose while living up to the ideals of honor and excellence.

  • Leadership Trainings

    These trainings for international students are opportunities to develop and improve their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

  • Inter-school Cultural Exchange Activities

    These refer to collaborations with other universities/institutions for the promotion of cultural exchange. It seeks groups or institutions that provide activities for training, personal development and cultural activities. ISR further seeks and coordinates with award-giving institutions to provide for international students where they could participate, learn and represent the University.

  • Mentoring Programs

    These programs for International Students is designed to help international students adjust in the University with the help of the upper- class students, compatriots and other significant individuals who can provide guidance from the admissions process all the way to graduation.

  • Orientation of New and Continuing International Students

    A fun filled activity of an “informative awareness” day of the students for the different services they could avail in UPLB and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) and as well as other offices/institution that can be of help to international students’ special needs.

  • Food Fair

    An event showcasing the culinary talents of the international students

  • Sports Festival

    A sports day activity of international students where games like volleyball, traditional games, football, running among others are played

  • Kalinangan: a Cultural Exchange Seminar Workshop

    Provides an avenue for local students and staff to learn and understand the culture of International students and vice versa

  • Lakbay Kalinangan, a Cultural Education Trip

    Promotes the arts and culture of our country and to accustom the international students with the Filipino values and traditions.

  • Training on University Life and Acculturation in Yupielbi (TULAY)

    Orients international students about the University, the Filipino culture and norms, and basic Filipino communication.

  • Leadership Training

    Provides trainings for ISA officers and provide opportunities to develop future leaders

  • Mentoring

    Orients international students about the University, the Filipino culture and norms, and basic Filipino communication.

  • Cultural Night

    Showcases the culture of international students’ respective countries through dances, songs, rituals and unique presentations

  • Investiture and Commissioning Rites of UPLB Ambassadors and Recognition Ceremony

    Commissions of well-deserved graduating international students as partners of UPLB in the promotion of the University especially when they return to their respective institution and country.

News Archive - ISR

ISD holds orientation program for new international students
24 February 2017

On 10 February 2017, the UPLB international students gathered together at the Makiling Hall, 2/F SU Building for the orientation of new international students conducted by the International Students Division (ISD).Dr. Jose V. Camacho Jr., Dean of the Graduate School, said in his inspirational...

​ISD recognizes first batch of Kalinangan graduates
5 December 2016

On 5 December 2016, 11 UPLB front liners who completed the Kalinangan workshop series were given recognition during the graduation ceremony conducted at the Makiling Hall, 2/F SU Building.Kalinangan is a cultural exchange workshop conducted twice a month by the International Students Division in...

ISD launches cultural exchange workshop
19 September 2016

In its efforts to help UPLB students and front liners understand the culture of international students, the International Students Division (ISD) launched Kalinangan: A Cultural Exchange Workshop. The first session of the workshop was conducted on 19 September 2016 at the Sampaguita Conference...

ISD commissions nine new UPLB Ambassadors, recognizes past heads
23 June 2016

Clad in colorful traditional costumes, nine graduating international students pledged to be UPLB Ambassadors during the 4th Investiture and Commissioning Rites on 23 June 2016 at the Makiling Hall, SU Building.In her opening remarks, Dr. Nina M. Cadiz, OSA Director, congratulated the ambassadors...

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