Counseling and Testing

The Counseling and Testing Division (CTD) has been created to cater to the needs of students, whether psychological, social, emotional, educational or occupational.  This is accomplished through the different services being offered by the division.  These are the following services: 


Individual or group  counseling sessions are held to provide the student  with an  opportunity to express and clarify his feelings, ideas, conflicts,  plans, projects, etc. that affect his  moral values and various aspects of  life, such as his aspirations, educational career, physical, social, spiritual, psychological, personal and emotional problems in an atmosphere of harmony, acceptance and privacy.


Closely related to counseling is the psychological test -taking which helps the student develop a better understanding of himself through an objective assessment of his mental ability, aptitude, interest, vocational preference, and personality. This will enhance greater self-awareness and understanding in relation to his career and personhood. 

Group Encounters /Guidance Instruction Program 

Aside from one-on-one encounters in counseling, the OSA utilizes  development group processes suited to the nature and needs of specific groups; e.g. a student organization or a group of new freshmen or individuals aiming to work together to accomplish  a task-oriented activity.  A module on group growth and development was designed so students can become more socially effective and well-adjusted individuals. This is also known as the Guidance Instruction Program. 

New Students' Orientation

Activities tailored to the adjustment needs of new freshmen and transferees, new students, and international students are planned and implemented by CTD, SOAD, ISS, SHD, other units of the University and some student organizations. 

CTD has the Pre-College Orientation Program for Freshmen to help them adjust in their transition from high school to college life. It also aims to orient them on the different program services of OSA-CTD.

Added to this is a special Parents' Orientation Program which serves as a venue for parents to raise queries regarding school policies, services and other related matters.

Career Information and Placement

  This service assists students and graduates in career planning by providing information on job opportunities and employment trends. It also helps the students in evaluating themselves, thereby facilitating decision-making as well as initiating and fostering favorable and closer relationship with employer institutions.  Networking and linking strategies with UPLB alumni are also carried out to maintain continued ties with the University through recruitment and job placement during the Annual Job Fair.  A Pre-Employment Seminar Workshop is also held to prepare our graduates entry into the world of work.


The Office of Student Affairs, through the Counseling and Testing Division, gives appropriate recommendations to the OSA Director and the deans of the UPLB colleges on whether or not to readmit scholastically delinquent students.  The recommendation is based on the assessment of the student's aptitudes, capabilities, interests, and past records. 

Alay Turo

A peer teaching program known as "Alay Turo" is instituted in the form of tutorials to assist students with academic difficulties especially in mathematics and science. 

Tutors are volunteer-students and scholars from the different colleges who are academically qualified to assist their peers on problems in their respective courses. 

Referral Services

OSA-CTD has established linkages with the different agencies and institutions for referral purposes to assist its clientele in finding solutions to some special types of problems. 

Extension Services

Various training activities, seminar/workshops, and enrichment programs on student personnel work, human resource development, etc. are extended by the Counseling and Testing Division to serve the needs of interested constituents of UPLB and other outside agencies. Community based projects such as the "Off- the-Street, On-to-School" is one of its successful project.