How to Write Letters to OSA

When writing letters addressed to the Office of Student Affairs, please be guided by the following:

  1. Never use e-signatures.
    E-signatures are never trusted because it is difficult to determine if the letter actually came from the signatory. All letters must have original signatures.

  2. Both advisers must sign.
    Letters coming from student organizations require the original signatures of the junior and senior adviser of the organization. In case an adviser is unavailable, another Faculty/REPS member designated by the adviser may sign for him/her.

  3. Address letters to OSA Director through the Unit Head.
    All letters to OSA must be addressed to the OSA Director through the respective unit heads involved in the letter. Example:

             DR. NINA M. CADIZ
             Director, Office of Student Affairs
             UPLB, College, Laguna

             (NAME OF UNIT HEAD)
             Head, (NAME OF UNIT)
             Office of Student Affairs

    The list of units and unit heads are in the Contact OSA page.

  4. Be concise and direct to the point.
    In the first paragraph of the letter, the request or the reason for writing must be explicitly stated.

  5. Remove unnecessary text from the letter.
    When writing letters, writers are advised to put the letter into context. A student organization sending a request letter to OSA need not explain who they are and their mission, vision, and objectives. When complaining about an OSA service, the writer need not brief OSA about its services. The bottom line is writers should only put relevant information in their letters.

  6. Feel free to use unwrinkled scratch bond paper.
    In line with OSA's initiatives to reduce paper usage, OSA accepts letters printed on unwrinkled scratch bond paper. Writers are just advised to put a big X mark on the other side of the paper.