Socialized Tuition System

What is STS? 

In the University of the Philippines (UP), all students receive financial support from the National Government since the full tuition is much lower than the cost of education in the University. Given that students in UP come from all walks of life, there are those who may not be able to afford paying the full tuition. So UP created the Socialized Tuition System (STS) which provides tuition discount at rates that are based on the assessment of the paying capacity of the household to which a student belongs. This assessment looks at the income as well as the socio-economic characteristics of the household.

The current STS was approved by the UP Board of Regents on 13 December 2013.

Tuition Discounts

UP students who wish to apply for tuition discounts under the STS must supply the information about the income and socio-economic characteristics of their household. The application is done online. Using the information submitted by the students, the University may grant tuition discounts and, in certain cases, monthly stipends, according to the tables below:

Tuition discounts and other financial assistance from STS shall be for one academic year, renewable annually.

Incoming Freshmen (student number beginning 2014 and incoming MD and JD students)whowill be grantedFull Discount + Stipend will receive P3,500 monthly allowance for two semesters. Said monthly allowance may be in the form of cash, dormitory privilege, and/or meal coupon.

Upperclassmen (students admitted to the university before 2014) at the same level shall receive P2,400 monthly allowance for two semesters.

Who can apply

To qualify for tuition discounts from STS, the student must:

  1. Be a Filipino;
  2. Be a bonafide undergraduate student. Except for students of Law and Medicine, the applicant must not have a bachelor's degree. For new students, the applicant must have an admission slip;
  3. Never have been adjudged guilty of any offense that carries a penalty of more than 30 days suspension; and
  4. Be in need of financial assistance as determined by the University

Application Process

  1. Visit and log in using your Student Number and 5-digit PIN.
  2. Indicate your intent to apply and your consent to the terms and conditions of STS.
  3. Complete your Student Profile with information about yourself and your parents/guardian and siblings.
  4. Answer the Household Characteristics questionnaire.
  5. Accomplish the Household Income form.
  6. Review all entries before proceeding to submission. You cannot view or change your answers after you submit your application.
  7. Proceed to submission. You and your parents/guardian need to indicate consent to the terms and conditions of the application.
  8. Confirm submission of your STS application.

STS applicants are not required to submit any documents (e.g., income tax return, employment contract, etc.) to complete the application process.

Results will be released according to the posted schedule. You may view the results by logging into using your account. Check out the Announcements tab for any updates during the application period.

Appeal Process

STS applicants may be in special situations where they may need additional financial assistance. They may file an APPEAL to inform the STS Office about these circumstances and to request these to be considered in the grant of tuition discounts.

Incoming students for AY 2014-15 may submit their appeals online after the release of application results.

To file an appeal, follow these steps:

  1. View announcements on appeal process at
  2. Log in using your Student Number and PIN.
  3. Indicate your consent with the terms and conditions of STS.
  4. Fill out the STS Appeals questionnaire.
  5. Indicate your complete permanent address, vicinity map, and landmarks near your home.
  6. Save your appeal and review your entries.
  7. Review all entries before you finally submit your appeal. You cannot view or change your answers after you submit your STS online appeal.
  8. Submit your STS appeal.

Results will be released according to the schedule set by the STS Office and the ODSA/OSA/OVCSA/OSSS in your campus. Students can view results by logging into using their student number and PIN.

Terms  and Conditions before applying for tuition discount

The University reserves the right to determine whether the student deserves financial assistance, and the amount and form of assistance. The STS Office, in coordination with the Offices of Student Affairs (OSAs) and the Office of Scholarship and Student Services (OSSS), will organize a fact-finding team to check information submitted by the applicants. STS privileges may be withdrawn when a student withholds or gives false information, without prejudice to other penalties that may be imposed by the University.

All information supplied in the application will be kept secure and confidential. All information may be used by the University for research, with the assurance that personal details of the applicant will be kept secure.