Temporary Recognition

The organization recognition process is finished about two to three weeks after the last day of late registration during the first semester. The first week is allotted for submission of recognition forms and the following two weeks is for the review of recognition forms.

Since a lot of organizations already conduct activities starting on the first day of classes until the recognition process is finished, the Student Organizations and Activities Division (SOAD) may grant student organizations in good standing temporary recognition.

The temporary recognition status is a privilege granted by the division which allows the organizations to conduct activities even if they are not yet recognized. Usually, this status is granted to student organizations that complied with all their responsibilities in the previous academic year and have shown interest to renew their recognition.

New organizations are not usually granted temporary recognition status, thus, they may only start conducting activities after their recognition forms are evaluated.

All student organizations who were not granted the temporary recognition status may not conduct activities but they will be allowed as soon as their forms are evaluated. SOAD advises organizations to submit the forms early so that their forms may be evaluated at an earlier time.