The Tuition Loan / SLB Promissory Note application is designed for students with existing loan balance/s from previous semester/s under the Tuition Loan / Student Loan Board (SLB) program.

The approved application will allow you to register for the upcoming online enrollment even with outstanding loan/s and will extend your payment deadline until the end of the coming semester. Also, you will be eligible to apply for another Tuition Loan / SLB.


  1. Formal letter addressed to the Chancellor. The letter must have the following information:
    1. Reason(s) for the delayed payment
    2. Specific settlement date of loan (the settlement date must be within or at the end of the coming semester)
    3. Indicate if your promissory note is for general clearance or for your registration for the coming semester.
  2. Clear E-signature of your guardian (we may request another e-signature copy if the attached file is blurry)

To apply, accomplish the google form found in this link: