LRC launches ACCELERATE Canvas portal

11 March 2023 | Joshua Michael Jonas |

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) launched its online resources portal dubbed LRC ACCELERATE (ACCess to Effective Learning Resources and Tutorial Enrichment) last Feb. 28.
On the LRC ACCELERATE portal, students may access readily available review modules for some academic courses in the university.
The online course is supported by Canvas, a learning management system subscribed to by the university. It aims to provide readily available review materials for students to better appreciate and learn from their courses, and help them excel in their classes.
LRC ACCELERATE is a joint project of two of the Center’s programs – Promoting Excellence through Educational Review or PEER and Tutorials and PLAY (Providing Learning Alternatives to the Youth) program.
The review modules will also serve as instructional materials for the tutors and additional learning resources for the students.
The materials in the portal are a comprehensive review module, a video lecture, and a short quiz each for three subjects, namely: BIO 30 (Genetics), MATH 25 (Fundamental Calculus), and CHEM 18 (University Chemistry). Materials in fundamental English grammar and writing lessons are also available in the portal. LRC plans to add materials for more academic subjects this semester.
The modules and tutorial videos were prepared by the Center’s PEER tutors, namely: Hanz Benedict Aguilar and Diego Leandro Contreras for BIO 30; Cristian Jetomo and Mike Angelo Aloba for MATH 25; and John Runcel Arenque and John Francis Antiola for CHEM 18, together with Ana Margarita S. Palma, the project development associate for English.
To gain access to LRC ACCELERATE, enroll using your UP Mail through this link: