Academic Organization, clustered under Engineering, established in 1964.

As a scholastic organization, the society has dedicated itself to the development of its members in the field of Chemistry and related sciences. Majority of its members are IC-based students under either the BS Chemistry or BS Agricultural Chemistry programs with a good mix of non-chemistry majors from the BS Biology, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Food Technology, and BS Mathematics and Science Teaching programs.

Visit website at http://uplbchemsoc2016.wix.com/kapnayan

As of Second Semester, AY 2020-2021, this student organization has 35 members. Since UPLB CHEMSOC is a college-based student organization, only non-freshman students from CAS may apply to join the organization.

Like other organizations in the university, there is a process for membership to UPLB CHEMSOC. All recognized student organizations have pledged their compliance to the Republic Act 8049 or the Anti-Hazing Law.
Convergence Area (aka Tambayan)
Physical Sciences Building, 4031 Laguna
The UPLB CHEMICAL SOCIETY or simply UPLB CHEMSOC, a student organization in the College of Arts and Sciences with org record ID 81, is recognized as of Second Semester, AY 2020-2021.