Student Disciplinary Tribunal

The Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) was established under the Rules and Regulations on Student Conduct and Discipline approved by the Board of Regents on its 876th meeting on 2 September 1976. Under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs, the Tribunal is responsible for the implementation of the University rules and regulations on student discipline. The Tribunal investigates complaints of misconduct committed by students, conducts formal hearings, deliberates, and recommends appropriate penalties to students found guilty of complaints against them.

All cases involving discipline of students under the University Rules are subject to the jurisdiction of the SDT, except the following which falls under the jurisdiction of the appropriate college or unit:

  1. Violation of college or unit rules and regulations by students of the college, or;
  2. Misconduct committed by students of the college or unit within its classrooms or premises or in the course of an official activity

Click here to download the Rules and Regulations on Student Conduct and Discipline.